Sunday, August 30, 2009

I guess I just got hurt, really hurt. And sometimes, when that happens, something inside just shuts off.


"I suggest a drive, let's take the back roads.
Let's get lost, let's lose our minds."

Saturday, August 8, 2009

You changed, I changed, everyone changed, The world had changed

Hey, supp bitchessss. Im back gain. Juz back from Bamboo nine. Since recently so stressed out so decided to went there wif my cousin to chill out. Mhmmm, guess days aren't that smooth recently. Exam is coming next week and i still havent really prepare yet, unlike the worm amanda holding the books and studying all the time. Ahhah, i think i juz stupid enough to waste my time all the while, it's time to stop all those nonsen and back to studying mood d. Owhh yea, my body re superior pain mann, thnz to basketball. I've went basketball almost every single day and keep my diet back to schdule. Presently i hope that i can get in next year scl team and play for mssd juz like wat i did while in dj. Owhh yea, thnz lahh pn chan. Thank for being there when i feel lonely or sad, btw eventhough sometime ur advise dun really make sense but then i think im juz gonna listen to u, may be u re right coz no matter how u still older than me and hav much more experience than me. So yea. Btw Stupid RETARDED TINY LITTLE CUPID dun act innocent lahh, i noe that u re sick-er than me. :) Anyway i juz felt lifeless and speechless all the time. Dunno why, i think i juz need someone to talk to. Haihhh... Byee guys, dotaing.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Break Time...

Hey, im actually blogging at scl time, wowww. Ahhha, i get to go home at 9 something juz now, coz my eye was freakin pain and it's start yesterday aft my afternoon nap. Issssh, ass hole lahh. And i'll hav to wear specs out, and doc actually said i cant wear contact for 1 weeks coz my eye infection. Bad luck... =.= I think that's all. going out for lunch... Chiaoz...

Lifeless moment...

Hey supp. Everything was well as usual and nothing much to blog bout. Btw days getting smoother and smoother day by day and hope that it gonna last. Btw stupid wei wen, stop imagining lahh. U retarded little cupid. :) Guess that much for today, tuition soon. CIAOZZZZ....

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Everything was juz lie

Hey, im back gain. Felt so random and hyper lately.:) ahhahhh. nothing much to say lately, but then life getting way more better and intresting. I think im gonna blog bout chan chan b'day celebration at tgi friday. It was quite a joke, and quite stoned. And chan damn perasaan, non stop saying everyone love her. Ahhah, blur chan don't so perasaan lahh aiyoh. Btw thank lahh chan for the advice, but then chill lahh aiyoh not like im gonna do anything to effect it ryte. Elleh. Mhmm, i guess that's all i can say. :) Im at sri hartamas starbuck enjoying my drink now, ciaoz. :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

You're not always the right one.

kuah ask me to update for him.
aiya i damn tired d la idiot.

badminton today so tiring and its 2.20am now and i wana sleeeeeeep !
stupid kuah. haih.

idk whats on with u and her already now. you lar always pissed me off. omg can you pls control your emotions ? sometimes i get rly annoyed and pissed with you seriously.
btw , you come schl and nvr come. ALOT DIFF MAN.
there's peace when you never come. :D
ok just kidding dont pms.


Should i feel grateful or something else??

Hey suppp... im back gain. Guess so life getting better slightly abit, but scl life still that suck and getting terrible. Errr, total up 7 days nvr go scl for 2 weeks, scl re bored lahh. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! But then still get to see someone, so no choice hav to go sometimes. :) everyone that around me re more and more getting their perfect right partner, eventhough kai also fall for someone else, i guess i juz hav to work harder and catch up them. Lately always went my housing area park sitting on the swing and swing swing swing wif my partner - MUSIC. I think my life gonna be dark without music beside me. I juz hope that some day there's a chance for me to get things right back as last time, i juz miss u so much. Btw am i that bad, that suck or even that terrible?? Btw tomorow re grandma chan party celebration. I guess im gonna wish her HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAT, GRANDMA!!! She was juz 1 of the best teacher i ever noe, she's sporting, cool but then sometimes she get angry easily juz like someone(i guess u gonna noe who i mean :) ) but then overall she juz perfect. :) Mhmm, nothing much to say d, and it's really late now, so BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE....